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What is the best at home waxing system, that has results that lasts for more than a week?

and if you’ve ever used a wax it yourself system which is the best you’ve heard of or used, and how long did the results last until you saw stubble?? and how to those waxing strips you rub in your hand work our are they any good?

if you are using them on your legs, use the pre-waxed strips
if you are using them on you upper lip, thread it instead with an Epicare threader
that works REALLY good

Where are the ethnic salons and spas in the Major Cities?

I’m looking for ethnic salons and spas in Chicago, Illinois as well. I prefer ages 17 to 40. Thank you for your help.

I hope this can be of assistance.

How long after I become a Certified Massage Therapist do I need to carry insurance?

How long after I become a Certified Massage Therapist do I need to carry insurance? Where do I go or who do I call to get insurance to practice massage therapy?

In most states you will be required to hold liability insurance for massage in order to receive your license and in some cases for certification. The main 2 massage insurance providers are ABMP and AMTA. Both are great organizations and can answer any questions you may have about coverage.

Side note – Are you currently in school right now? And what state are you located in?

What makeup colors would work for my eyes?

Ok, I have a slightly feature about me that I absolutly adore. I have one dark, forrest green eye, and the other is a dark, cofee brown. They are pretty much the same brightness, both are dark. What makeup colors would work for both?

Gold would look lovely, aswell.

What is the best drugstore make up remover?

I am running to Walmart tonight and I need a new make up remover because the wipes that I have right now hurt my eyes. So I would like a liquid make up remover that I can use with cotton balls!

i like oil free eye makeup remover
by neutrogena. :)

How can you make your hair as soft as it feels after you go to the hair salon? Is there any special products?

Even though I got my haircut, whenever I take a shower and let my hair air dry it feels much more dry compared to how it did once I left the hair salon. My hairstylist even uses a blow dryer which is supposed to dry your hair out, but it still comes out feeling soft. Is there any products that I can use to achieve those same results?

i had that problem once.
ok so you can either
- ask your hair dresser/stylist what products he or she is using. buy them and soft hair, here you come.

hair salon products are always more expensive, so if you don’t want to spend too much money on your hair products, then here is another idea

buy " Herbal Essences None of your Frizznes smoothing leave-in creme" . it stops your hair from being frizzy, it smells very delicious (extracts of mandarin balm and pearls..yummy) PLUS it makes your hair and your ends extremely soft.
it costs about $ 5 and you can buy it at any drugstore. for more information:

another option:
buy a hair mask. i like the Pantene Pro-V nourishing, moisturizing and replenishing mask. LOVE IT
put it in your hair once a week, leave it in for 3-5 minutes and then rinse smells really good too and it makes damaged hair soft again.
for more information

hope it helped (:

Does anyone know where a eyebrow threading salon is in Fayetteville Georgia?


Try – not sure how far it is for you but they do threading.
Good luck!

How can you tell if the Vitamin E in my beauty care products is natural and not synthetic?

Beauty Care- Synthetic Vitamin E vs. Natural Vitamin E?
How to tell if vitamin E is not synthetic in beauty products?
If a beauty product says it has Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), how do I know if this is not the synthetic version?

I’m not sure if there is a way to find out other than asking the manufacture itself. Call their questions/comments hotline to see.

What would be a good present for someone who wants to become a beautician?

she will be 15 on the 30th and christmas is coming too. what can i get to help with beauty skills? she already has tons of nail polish and hair tools but has no practice cutting hair or dying it

At 15 she’ll lack the experience, education and equipment to properly cut and dye a wig, while it’s a good idea in theory, she’ll get nothing out of it. It will be a waste of money (practice wigs are really expensive).
Get her a gift certificate to a great stylist.
Get a cute makeup case and include things like makeup brushes, Q-tips, sponges, tweezers, nail files, nail stickers or stencils, a loofah, etc.
You can get gift certificates to high end makeup stores like MAC, Chanel, Estee Lauder, etc.
You can find really good books about how to style hair or do makeup/nails, maybe check out the beauty section of your local book store and see if you can find a fun book about the subject.
The Complete Book of Hairstyling- Charles Worthington
Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual
Be Beautiful: Every Girl’s Guide To Hair, Skin and Makeup- Alice Hart-Davis and Molly Hindhaugh

I think that she’d get more out of a book or gift certificate at this age. If and when she attends hairdressing school she will have her own wigs and know how to use them.